Su productora de televisión en Colombia


Who we are

Televideo S. A. is a television production company founded in 1980, as amarket leader on the performance of Colombian television and international recognition. Throughout our history we have worked continuously to respondadequately to the challenges posed by the audiovisual industry. Always with an entrepenural attitud, we have offered quality and efficiency without losing theintent to learn and constantly renew. For 30 years we have managed to inspiresafety and confidence to customers and colleagues, and we have been taking into account for taking risks with innovative and groundbreaking projects. We were the first television production company in Colombia which acquired color video equipment, leading the foundation and assembly of regional channelsthat are now consolidated as Teleantioquia, Telepacifico and Teveandina, and were pioneers in producing documentaries for foreign channels such asDiscovery Channel and National Geographic.

We offer our expertise and services through three business units:

  • Production of audiovisual content, which develops various projects for national and international channels as telenovelas, series and miniseries,documentaries, magazines and TV Call competitions, news and children's andyouth projects.
  • Content creation, backed by Ypunto brand, created in October 2008 anddedicated to the structure of original content to offer attractive novelas, series, miniseries and other innovative formats to different national and international channels.
  • Services and Rentals, we offer through our Technical Facilities Unit. We provide technology and professional experience to serve as pre-productionand post production experts, make live broadcasted events, planning and producing corporate audiovisual material , and mounting and boostingtelevision channels.